Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is Fucoidan Something New?

Fucoidan (pronounced foo-coy-den) may not be something you have ever heard of, but it has been around since time began!

Ancient cultures (and many modern cultures) have a long history of consuming fucoidan-rich seaweeds.  In fact, many scientists believe that the lower rate of cancer in Asian populations compared to the west is due to their seaweed consumption (one of the main ingredients in miso soup is a seaweed rich in fucoidan).

In 1913 Professor Kylin from Sweden first discovered the fucoidan within seaweed.  In the 1970's serious research and studies began looking into the benefits of fucoidan. The first benefits discovered were that it is a potent anti-coagulant/blood thinner, comparable to prescription anti-coagulants.

As research continued into the 80's and 90's, anti-cancer and anti-virus properties were discovered, and in fact many people began taking fucoidan supplements, paying as much as $300 per bottle (which they still spend today on a particular brand from Japan, which is incredible considering Japan's oceans have been contaminated with nuclear radiation).

As we have moved into the 2000's, the research has increased substantially, with close to 1400 studies published on pubmed.com, and intense research is being done in Japan, where there is a Research Institute of Fucoidan showing the latest clinical reports that are demonstrating remarkable results on cancers treatments with fucoidan! There are similar studies with other species of brown seaweed with the same type of results. 
Many ailments we humans suffer from also affect our dogs and other pets, Fucopia is the fucoidan-rich pet supplement that can help your pet the way it helps humans! 

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